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Well gang, we finally arrived in Roswell, New Mexico. First I'll have to be fair to Roswell here. There are a lot of things to see and experience in Roswell besides UFO thingys. We didn't go there for the other things. Nope. We went to see the UFO museum and have fun at the stores and local UFO shops. I understand that there is a UFO festival there in June. To the right is the dude that started the whole Roswell UFO thing. Yep, Mac Brazel,rancher on the Foster ranch (75 miles NW of Roswell), heard a loud noise, different from the thunder. Brazel was routinely riding the ranch property with his neighbor's son Dee Proctor(age 7) and discovered the debris field 3 hundred yards wide (3 football fields) and 3/4 of a mile long. The finding of the debris field happened on July 5 1947.


It wasn't too long after we arrived in Roswell we got the hungers. So where could one go to get a local UFO theme lunch. Weeeeeeel, how about the "Crash Down Diner". Yep a diner with Alien head salt and pepper thingys. How about a Alien head shaped table. Yep that's right. Also UFO or Alien menus. Some of the meals were named after the characters of the series "ROSWELL". I ordered the Michael and Laura ordered the Alex. Actually they were both just burgers. Good ones too. Just a fun place.


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Area 51

Assimilation of crash

Assimilation of crash 2

Assimilation of crash3

UFO Roswell news 1947

UFO symbles


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There appears to be an organization that is against Aliens or is it against Humans? Check here to see what I mean.

Now lastly, when we went to Roswell, we had a hard time finding a parking place. Click here to find out why.