I do remember that second day of infamy as if it were yesterday. I was watching TV in the morning as I did and as I do now. At first I thought oh how terrible an accident that is. In the back of my mind I was thinking how could a plane crash into such a large building in a perfect picture weather day? The thought vanished, I suppose, as I was surfing the net and watching TV. Then the second plane hit the second tower and like most people I knew then that neither crash was an accident. The rest we know is history.

Looking back remembering the images, day in and day out, being flashed on the news channels of the "Ground Zero" and the exhuming of the victims of that terrible day, I think of the rage that was building in me and the feeling of "Let's go and get the bastards" engulfing me. To some degree I still feel that way. Well, we did and we are still getting the bastards. As a result of 911 our nation has stepped off onto unplowed ground, as the ole timers around here say. How do we deal with terrorists and how do we deal with our borders? Our Constitution is being stretched to It's limit. Listening to both sides of the Constitution argument is enough to make ones head swim. Both sides make a good argument. Then there are the airport security issue. Oh, let's don't forget the illegal immigrants either. That has been a problem here in Texas for ever.

How are we going to deal with all of this? One thing, in this humble writer's opinion, is not to go radical left or right. We need to compromise solving this paramount problem that has been thrown our way. One thing for sure, is that we do need to hash this thing out publicly and in our governing bodies and keep doing that till we come up with a solution that both the "Left" and the "Right" can agree to. We have an open society and we do need to keep it that way for two reasons. One; Our nation is set apart and great because of this ideology. Two; To set an example of how a nation can survive anything and not sacrifice It's most sacred freedoms.

Our President is dealing with this so far as anyone in this country or in any country would expect a great leader of a great country to do. Will he make mistakes? Of course he will. Will he anger people here and around the world with some of his decisions? Yes again. Will he ( George Bush ) and the nation overcome this tragic time in our history? You terrorists can count on that. We will heal from this tragic time in our history. We have done it before and we will do it again.

Oh, yes, one more thing. You terrorists may not know this, then again maybe you do, "You have just awaken a sleeping giant".

Glenn F. Johnston


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