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UPDATED 05/16/2004

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Do you sometimes, while alone,hear something go bump in the night? I have. I'm sure, I think, that it isn't anything evil and can be rationally explained. We humans like to play games with our minds and I'm sure it is due to scary movies or books or probably stories heard around the camp fire. Whatever. When I was around eight to ten years old, my friend Lester and I were sitting on his front porch in the middle of the day when we saw a flying saucer fly from horizon to horizon. It was bright white, round and didn't make any noise, as I recall. The whole sighting lasted about a minute. While this was going on, Lester jumped up and ran through the house to his mother, who was sun bathing on the back porch. She didn't believe him and didn't bother to get up to take a look see. My memory isn't the best these days, but what I saw that bright summer day in Dearborn, Michigan was burned into my memory and no-one can convince me I saw a weather balloon or experimental US military craft 'cause it traveled too fast for the time.

My friend Glenn put up this patriotic thingy. So to show you that Przybyl does have compassion to inferiors (rednecks ) I agreed to link to "OUR NATION HEALS"