What are Chem-trails? A good question without a good answer. I remember even when I was a snot, I would look up and see a trail forming behind a jet and sometimes a prop job. I was in awe most of the time. I also noticed that in a few minutes the vapor trail would dissapate all too soon for my questioning mind. Yet the vapor would just fade away and I would be waiting in young anticipation for the next one to form.

I'm not talking about these just mentioned here. What I'm talking about are the trail left by whatever just hanging there for hours. If you think I'm six sticks short of a rick, just keep your eyes focused as much as you can to the sky. Sooner than you think you will see these vapor whatever forms. Now after reading this page you will be forever aware of these vapor-trails and also after reading this page you will also be aware these vapor thingys will not dissipate. Instead they will just hang there all but slowly expand getting wider and wider till this cloud settles to the ground if there isn't any wind to speak of. Sometimes I've heard the substance of this cloud will be sticky and sometimes like spider web looking strings all over everything in the area the cloud covered.

I would like to say what I say here is a rarity, but not at all. I'm a full time RVer and I have seen this all over the United States. Yes I have. What are these vapors. Are we being sprayed? Probably not. Then again these are strange days don't you think? There may be nothing to these vapors, but some think they are chemical in substance. I'm not going to go that far, but again these are strange days and there could be something to these paranoid accusations spouted by some. You be the judge. To the right are some thumnails of pics I took of these Chem-Trails. The trails you see here have been there a while and where there for hours ever expanding. These where taken in Yakima Washington. I have some more of these trails taken in East Texas, but at this point I can't find them. ENJOY.