Over the years I have heard, seen on TV and pictures of "Animal Rights" types, as a means of "Protesting" sling blood and red paint on people wearing furs. How barbaric! Man has been wearing animal skin and furs for millions of years. So now it's immoral to garb animal pelts. Interesting. I hear these people in many cases believe animals have soles as humans do. Could be. I guess I don't know. At times I have absolutely nothing to do and start thinking, (well that's what I call it), how about Plants Rights Hey, they have feelings too. If you don't think so try an experiment. Put one plant, lets say any kind of pretty indoors plant, on one side of the living room and another one, same type, on the opposite side of the room, water them the same, but talk trash to one of them. You know, verbaly slam one. Maybe even cuss it. Now the other plant you talk "Baby Talk" to it. Even brag about it. After a month look at the results. The one you slammed will be weathered and the one you talked baby talk to will be just beautiful. That's right. Yep.

After doing this experiment I have been sensitive to plants. I really didn't want this too happen, but it did happen. As a result of my sensitivity towards plants I have noticed something when I cut the grass. At first I didn't pay much attention to the noises. After a few times, cutting the lawn, I think I was in denial completely. The noises were getting louder. I even wore ear plugs at no avail. It was true. The lawn was screaming in agony. I then realized I have become a Saint Augustine Murder. GADS, oh the agony of it all. I told Laura that I can't cut the grass anymore. I don't think she understands. I've asked her "Can't you hear the grass screaming?" I think she is just insensitive as them "Vegetarians". Yes they are just plain barbarians. Yes they are. They are so insensitive that when they bite into a crisp lettuce and other vegetables like tomatoes, celery, brusselsprouts and such they don't know the vegetables they are enjoying at the pain of the innocent helpless plants. Oh the barbaric natures of the Vegetarians. They are so crude and non caring of the beautiful plants of the world. How could they.

I think I now know how those "Animal Rights" people feel. Yes I do. I empathize with them. So at this point I'm in the process of extracting chlorophyll from dead plants. It has been morally impressed upon me, by a Higher Order, when I have enough chlorophyll saved up I'll go to one of them high dollar restaurants. You know the ones that have a menu section that boasts vegetarian selections of those barbaric tastes. I will stealthily infiltrate that restaurant and go immediately up to one of them vegetarian carnivores and say "How could you eat any plant. Plants have feelings too. Do you have any idea how much pain those plants went through just to satisfy the barbaric and twisted taste buds of yours? Don't you know that plants are living entities with souls? How could you be so cruel and callous? Don't you have any conscience at all, eating something that was a beautiful plant with a soul?" After that is when I will throw the plants blood chlorophyll all over them. YES AT THAT MOMENT I WILL START ANOTHER MOVEMENT JUST LIKE THE ANIMAL RIGHTS MOVEMENT. YES ANOTHER MOVEMENT FOR BORED PEOPLE WITH NOTHING BETTER TO DO WITH THEIR PUNY NO NOTHING LIVES.

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