Have you ever remembered when
looking up into the starry sky, thinking;
are we alone? My religion doesn’t
exactly say we are alone as such,
but does seem to indicate by omission
that we could be. According to
scriptures there are angels and
demons. Still looking up at the stars,
I still wondered. Hey, I saw "War Of The
Worlds" and "The Day The Earth Stood
Still."I know, They are just movies.
Figment of man’s imagination. Or are
they. I’m of the school that man can’t
think of what isn’t or have an original
thought. We don’t invent new thought.
We use what we had all of the time.
Example; the caveman already had knowledge
of computers, but has to go through
knowledge layers to access this knowledge.
Whatever we can think we will do eventually.
We don’t invent anything. We don’t create
anything including thought. It has been
here all of the time. We just access it.
That’s all.